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Interested in becoming a member of our growing society? One advantage given to our members is the ability to view the presentations from the IOIS meeting held in 2013 in St. Louis. Watch and listen as Dr. Kim Burchiel presents and interesting and informative keynote presentation! To register for a membership just follow the directions located in the Membership. You can access the registration page directly here: Member Registration.

IOIS 2019 Meeting was a success !

7th Intraoperative Society Meeting, Houston, Texas

Click Here to view the presentations from the 2019 iOIS meeting held in Houston, Texas. (Presentation uploads are in Progress)

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For some 10 years, intraoperative MRI has been a reality. Many of us who have adopted this technology believe passionately in its utility and potential. We seek a framework in which the pros and cons of various technical approaches can be discussed and knowledge shared. To this end, the IOI Society has been formed.

The Intraoperative Imaging Society is an association of clinicians, scientists and industry representatives committed to the development and dissemination of therapeutic interventions performed with the assistance of intraoperative imaging.

The aim of the iOIS is to provide a forum for comparison of alternate imaging techniques in the operating room, and the determination of their clinical efficacy. We would like to evolve into a truly multidisciplinary group where all specialties will be welcomed and all intraoperative imaging platforms discussed.

We look forward to having you become a member of the Society and your participation in the Society’s activities and efforts